We host a large number of services that are available to all size trucking fleets. From top to bottom, we can analyze and help make improvements using our style of MBWA. ("Management By Wandering Around" and not by "Walking Away") The services we offer come from the dedicated experience that we have had while working in the field. Our experience working with numerous companies gives your organization a fresh outside look to improve your efficiency and to help increase your bottom line. Please call today and discuss the opportunities and experiences other companies have benefited from.

DWS Fleet Management Services

Limited Time Executive

With DWS Fleet Management Services, supplement your company’s leadership capabilities on a limited time basis with our expertise in organization, purchasing, lease evaluation, vehicle specification and maintenance management, including shop systems analysis and cost control initiatives. As a "Limited Time Executive", we provide fleets in a variety of industry segments with programs specifically tailored for each individual operation, without having to commit the time or expense for an “Executive” level employee. This approach employs a mixture of results oriented problem solving and a hands-on common sense approach to help achieve maximum profits, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction. This Limited Time Executive support, provides the President, CEO or Owner additional time in building the business.

Management Tutorship

Through dynamic awareness training, counseling, and mentoring, DWS Fleet Management Services motivates people, raises self esteem, to establish and maintain effective programs and practices at their companies that will ensure continued success. Management education services include curriculum development and seminars designed to meet specific needs. For example, seminars have covered Preventive Maintenance Management, Becoming the Low Cost Provider, Don’t Forget the Basics Methods of Fleet Management and Understanding the Basic Budgeting Processes. These training and advisement “Wake Up Call” presentations have been provided for numerous companies, as well as state associations in the US, Canada, and Mexico.


Negotiation is more than just picking up the phone and asking for a price on a vehicle or piece of equipment. Negotiation is about using effective skills derived from experience to get what you need, when you need it, at a favorable price. With DWS Fleet Management Services, 37 years of experience negotiating in excess of 10,500 pieces of equipment and the support of those vehicles, is at your command. This experience can be brought to bear on your company’s behalf to negotiate effectively for vehicles, maintenance software, accounting and operational packages as well as business and labor contracts. There is more to purchasing than the price of the equipment. There are warranty packages, to buy or not to buy and when. There are verbal and written assumptions of purchases that can become vague after the ink is dry. There is a very important process in the preparation, presentations and negotiations, the paper pilot and then the inspection of the vehicle to ensure that what you thought you were getting you actually receive upon delivery. With the “Limited Time Executive” services provided by DWS Fleet Management, the art of negotiation is yours to use and benefit from.


With a track record of leadership and documented success, DWS Fleet Management Services provides trucking companies, manufacturers and legal firms with proven negotiation capabilities to settle issues with customers, suppliers, vendors and employees, quickly, fairly, and effectively with skilled to solid understanding both sides. With Litigation no one wins except the lawyers, but that is their job. This leadership skill is at the heart of the "Limited Time Executive" capabilities offered by the DWSFM and is driven by the expertise of its president’s 37 years of fleet management.

Litigation Support

Using its vast expertise in all aspects of fleet management, DWS Fleet Management Services provides manufacturers, trucking, construction, legal firms, and other various industries with fleet management expertise counsel to assist in litigation settlement. Expert testimony is provided only in selected cases where merit and personal ethics prevail, with the intention of supporting the legal process to the client’s satisfaction. DWS Fleet Management recently provided expert testimony for an $80 Million precedent setting lawsuit where the client was victorious.

ECM Downloads

Today’s diesel trucks have a “black box” (Electronic Control Module) to control the fuel and monitor electronic sensors on these engines. The information from the on-road ECM can provide some of the following stored data: Vehicle Speed, Hard Braking Events, Vehicle Top Speed Setting, Use of Cruise Control, Vehicle Monthly Activity. Experience performing this extraction with special software so that it doesn't reset the data is critical. This is important to the vehicle owner, legal departments and authorities. Our organization is affiliated with the ECM Team which has been trained and certified by Detroit Diesel as well as other manufactures to download, analyze, and provide ECM data. The best solution for potential legal strategy may be a certified independent third party which is something our team can offer. The ECM Team.

"DWS Fleet Management Services has reviewed and revised our maintenance department and implemented programs to enhance our bottom line." Beth Franklin, President/Owner Star Transportation