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"Changes Driving Changes, Replay The Music!"

Over the last ten years the industry has changed. What changed in fleet management? What really changed are upper management decisions looking for short-term results. Those conference table decisions are now controlling the fleets management and maintenance operations. It is becoming apparent that most of the “old timers” are like dinosaurs and extinction has set in. The great “Doctors of Iron” are gone and no experienced replacements are apparently in the pipeline. The new named HR departments began filling the positions by backing into the pay grades or competitive salary survey results. What they did not realize is that there is no real experience being bred and there is a shortage of iron management expertise. These replacements have only computer experience where charts, graphs and reports, hundreds of them, surrounded by meetings after meetings are the orders of the day. There has never been a chart or graph that fixed any piece of iron and by the time the costs hit the General Ledger or Cost Reports, it’s too late.

The new era of managers using the new math have no idea how to fix the problems only trend the costs. There is no experience in root cause and failure analysis. The only thing to do was to fire the person or eliminate the position. That’s when “Mr. They” eliminated the middle core of fleet managers and replaced them with a “body” finding themselves frustrated about the revolving door syndrome. With that, the pay scales have not risen to a suitable level and has created the absence of experienced qualified, Fleet Maintenance and Equipment Leaders, we now only have followers not doers. We promoted the third shift mechanic who is now the Manager of Maintenance. He does not have a chance. No true people skills, formal business education, or management experience, but the most loyal and dedicated common sense person in that department. He is now trying to manage the assets of the company, under compensated, unmotivated, and a frustrated job seeking employee, beside who else wants to take it on.

This inspired the birth of DWS Fleet Management, serving the industry as the first “Limited Time Executive” not consulting, helping all sizes of companies.

Transportation and Fleet Management Resources dba DWS Fleet Management Services started by Darry W Stuart in 1999 offering “Limited Time Executive" options. His company delivers proven track records of leadership and documented successes in organization, negotiations, purchasing, vehicle specifications and maintenance management to fleets in a variety of industry segments. Providing programs specifically tailored for each individual company operational needs and budget requirements for an “X” number of days per month or an annual retainer basis. The service provides fleet clients with access to this expertise without having to commit the expense of a full time permanent executive level employee and at the same time raising the skills of the current employees.

“The approach is a mixture of results oriented effective problem solving practices and tactical hands on common sense efforts, driving clients, assisting in achieving maximum profits gains, cost reductions, lower acquisition costs, and customer satisfaction. Several strongest assets included are the motivation of people, and technical logic while honing in on the employee’s skills. We quickly gain the respect as an insider, being an outsider, someone they accept delivering additional leadership, guidance, and support from within your company. Through training and counseling, the goal is to motivate people in establishing and maintaining effective programs and practices that will ensure continued success.”

With this approach we work together to provide your management staff with a seasoned executive providing assisted direction, tutoring, and counsel through personal development. Third party “Voice of Conscious” involvement can spark new thought processes. This gives management new depths which is now increasingly important because lending institutions now look at fleet management asset management much closer.

“Don’t Fire Him, Fire Him Up”

Do you currently have a great employee supervising your fleet that has been with you for many years? Started with you when the company was small. Very loyal, dedicated and you know his family very well. He has not expanded his management skills. He is not adapting with new directional and progressive ideas. Lost in solving the high cost areas from the data derived from the computer software? He can’t get away from the old ways of doing things. Has issues getting along with the rest of the staff. The Maintenance Facility has waste and high costs. Lending institutions want to know who is in charge. You have now come to the conclusion that he needs the management experience to proceed to the next level. You would like more experience but you have budget constraints. Feel compassionate, so you are micro-managing the operation and second-guessing all of his decisions. You’re not sure you can replace the loyalty and dedication, while being more qualified. Relocation is not an option if you find someone with those skills. Your time is limited and this is not your forte. You’re coming to the conclusion that you may be arriving at a roadblock. Thinking of leasing as a way out, but their profits are the margins you need for your own bottom line. Thinking, if only there was a method to provide him with some experience, training or coaching?

Darry Stuart's Career Profile:

Vice President, Distribution, Cumberland Farms / Gulf Oil, Inc., Canton, MA.
http://www.cumberlandfarms.com / http://www.gulfoil.com

Vice President, Operations, Keen Leasing, Keen Transport Heavy Haul, & Cressler Trucking, Carlisle, PA. http://www.keentransport.com / http://www.cresslertrucking.com

Founder, President / CEO, Fleet Truck Parts, Inc., Jacksonville, FL. http://www.ftpjax.com

Vice President, Operations, United Truck Leasing, Braintree, MA.

Assistant District Manager, Waste Operations, BFI, Fairfax, VA. http://www.bfi.com

Regional Director, Maintenance, BFI, Fairfax, VA.

Assistant Fleet Superintendent, Perdue Chicken, Inc. http://www.perdue.com

Fleet Manager, SM Lorusso Aggregates.

Farm Equipment Maintenance Manager, Cumberland Farms, Bridgewater, MA.

Mechanic/ Diesel Technician, White Motor Company. Providence, RI.


Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association (TMC) 1975-present. Board of Directors, 1993-present.

Amtralease Association, 1981-1994 Purchasing & Operation Committee Founder.


"CCJ Career Leadership Award", 1998,

"Silver Spark Plug Award", 1998 ATA’s, Technology and Maintenance Counsel

Amtralease Dedication Award, 1983

Jacksonville, FL Chamber of Commerce Award, 1987

"The decision to outsource a "Limited Time Executive" has been one of the best choices our company has made. His tutoring type advice and knowledge is well respected by all of us and it was a pleasure to work with him while he guided us to drive costs lower before our eyes." Lisa Jones, System Administrator, Gypsum>