We have helped companies all across North America. Our extensive travels have shown us that no two fleets are the same, but that each fleet has something in common that can be improved within their organization. Here is just a small sample of clients that we have worked with.

Bulkley Trucking & Associates: "Darry is a true professional and will tell you the truth. He will give you the real view of whatever problems you may have and will advise you of a cost effective permanent solution. Darry can find the solution and use his contacts to bridge the gap. I highly recommend him. His experience in the field with real hands on knowledge base is excelled by no one."
Tim Winchester, Maintenance Manager

Penske Truck Leasing: "Congratulations on being elected to the Chairmanship of TMC! I am very happy for you, and am glad that your peers have recognized you in this way. You have been a tireless servant of the industry throughout your long career, and you will now have even more positive influence on us from your new position. If anyone can get the message out that we need to treat our technicians as if our own success depended on them, you will. If anyone can assist in creating a track of progress for the next generation of fleet managers, you can."
Ralph K. F. Stockmayer, CTP
Industry Development Manager
Penske Truck Leasing L. P.

Arriba Equipment Services: "There is a Yiddish (Jewish) word for what you did. You are known as a "mench". It means a person who always does the right thing for someone else without anyone telling them to do so. They are far and few between and held in high regard, especially to Jewish people. However, you don't have to be Jewish to be a mench. You just have to be one, and it usually comes naturally. It is a pleasure to know you, Darry."
Allan Berger, Vice President

CTI, Cement Transport Inc: "We came to realize that we needed a national-class fleet management experience to put the process in motion." "Darry Stuart of DWS Fleet Management Services hit the ground running and is already producing very good results." "People tend to follow Stuart's lead because when he walks into a room you quickly realize that he knows what he is talking about. He has a unique ability to bring up morale; he has the entire shop singing as they work." "Considering the 2700 miles between Boston and Tucson was a real leap of faith for us to engage DWSFM. We already know that we made an excellent decision, "We have hired the best in the business." - Tom Jones, CFO

M&M Transport Services: "We wish to thank you for the valuable assistance you have provided. We are at the point where we feel we can handle things on our own now. We certainly may contact you in the future as things change, Sincerely." - Mark Warsofsky, Pres.

Miller Truck Leasing & Transportation Group: "I want to thank you for all of the help, guidance and direction you provided in hiring the right Director of Maintenance for our company. The transition period was exactly what we need for both sides. He is at a point that he understands the culture of the company as we do his needs. Please use us as a reference anytime. If the occasion arises in the future we will certainly will call upon your services."
Mark Bryant, President

XM Radio, Dave Nemo Show, TMC Tech Talk: "We are thrilled to be able to present vital information from these experts to our trucking audience such as Darry W Stuart of DWSFM."
Dave Nemo XM Radio.

Edart Truck Leasing: "We simply listen to what you advise us on,"Mark Siegal, President". I simply used the information delivered to us in your awareness presentation to our senior management staff. Followed the directions, advise and success followed. We have changed our PM program and it is providing results." - Howard Siegal, VP

Mcleod Software: "Your approach to Limited Time Executive Services and overall expertise of Transportation has enhanced our customer's business decisions. I am very confident in recommending your company." - Warren Baker, Division Manager

Petroleum Products, Inc: "Thank you for a great presentation at the West Virginia Motor Truck Association Annual Meeting. Your presentation drove home the need for Asset Management in fleet maintenance. I think you have built the better mouse trap and found a niche for your business. Thank you again." - Walt Hanson, Environment Director

Star Transportation: “One of Darry’s best qualities is he approaches problem areas with the goal of educating the current employees through hands on training. This unique quality allows our employees to give total support to the restructuring because they feel a part of the program.” - Beth Franklin, President/Owner

Fleming Leasing: “Your knowledge and experience were evident and would have struggled without you. We still benefit from your regular visits and advice. The concept of having a limit time expert as a part of our team is unique and effective. We would recommend it to others.”
D. Joe Fleming, Chairman, Dan Fleming, CEO, Kevin Fleming

Digby Transportation: “In a previous life we contracted DWS Fleet Management Services and I implemented Darry’s programs and ideas in my new position. I have acquired a new appreciation for the basic “blocking and tackling” aspects of fleet maintenance that are required to be successful in this field.” - Ken Stephenson, COO

Bulkley Trucking, LLC: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help with getting our maintenance department in good running condition. The improvements are astronomical, and the issues that we were having with our trucks when our contract with you began are resolved. I am looking forward to seeing our maintenance department grow and become more accurate and productive, and that is a result of your invaluable counseling."
Lawana Hohenberger, Bulkley Trucking

Penske Truck Leasing: “I want to thank you for never giving up on me, you and your style has provided me the path to rise to this level. I knew what I wanted to achieve but never had a boss guide and motivate me as you did. I thank you and Penske, through my promotions, thanks you.”
Ron Stillings, Regional Service Manager

Cargo National Lease: “I have to say you have a different business attitude than any consultant I have worked with. In our meetings I generally felt we were working together as a team, to strategize about the right choice for your customer, and now my customer.” - B Sue Beasley, President

Kile Refrigeration: “I did not know you before and have worked with a number of consultants; as a matter of fact consultant is not the proper title for you. You sincerely work hard for your customer.” - Charles Moore, General Manager

Quickway Transportation: “I have learned that organization at the top goes through the entire workforce.” - Chuck Ritter, Director of Maintenance

Quickway Distribution Services: “We need centralization and standardization, that’s where DWS Fleet Management Services came in and Darry gave us corporate direction. Chuck’s development has been fantastic.” - Roger Blume, President/Owner

Pratt & Singer: “You always seemed to be able to get the answer I needed and did so in a timely manner. If I ever have the occasion I would recommend you to another attorney.”
Martina Dillion, Attorney at Law

Chris Durborow: “It’s been some time now since we worked directly together and wow how much I rely on your leadership lessons I’ve experienced with you. Still to this day you return my calls for questions, advice, counsel and answers for myself and others.”

Penske Truck Leasing: “Accentuating the positive with the negative is truly an art well learned and you never stop. I remember brainstorming solutions that redirected our previous company into the competitive world economy. As a youngster it made little sense to me. It now makes sense. The business if I may mimic you is indeed about personalities. Put a process in place and the numbers will follow. When difficulties arose, the team was always driven by the following, why did we fail? What we learned from it? Let’s proceed with change! No pin the tail on the donkey. Simply find the solution and have fun doing it.”
Ron Stillings, Regional Service Manager

Boston and West Claims Service: "Our experience with DWS Fleet Management and Darry Stuart is an expert at what he does. He has a keen insight into the transportation management and helps us thru the claims process." - Imre Halmos CCLA, President

Saguaro Leasing/STS Transport: "We could not have handled this situation with our vehicles if you had not mediated the situation between our company and the vehicle manufacturer. We were too close to the situation and the cloud of emotions kept the finance company and manufacturer from listening to a compromise without alternative actions."
Mike Norton, President

Barber, McCaskill, Jones & Hale, P.A.: "We want to thank you for the help in being victorious in this $80 million dollar legal case. We needed your expertise in the Fleet Maintenance Management area." - Perry Wilson / Mike Emerson P.A.

American Trucking Association (ATA), Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC): "Thank you for your presentation at the TMC in Mexico City. This is the second year that you have presented and the Mexican Fleets received this with overwhelming success. The presentation was verbally translated and the style of your presentations with pictures was done above our expectations and parallel to all you have done in the US. Again thanks for being a part of TMC Mexico and hope to see you next year."
Carl Kirk, Vice President Executive Director

Hino Trucks, SAE Type III Fuel Test, Technical White Paper: "We appreciate the work done by DWS Fleet Management Services during this test. The use of Six Sigma Black Belt brought a level of professionalism to the accuracy of the data."
Michael Donohue, Manager National Business Development

Pajares & Schexnaydre, LLC: "It was reassuring to have someone with the amount of experience and knowledge that you have to assist in the investigation of this catastrophic accident. Your help was invaluable. - David Schexnaydre, P.A.

All company entries and comments have been provided by past or current clients.

"His ability to communicate at the shop floor level as well as the boardroom uniquely qualifies him
to be an effective change agent in any fleet". Ken Stephenson, COO, Digby Transportation