Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about Partnering with a Limited Time Executive”:

1.Why would I want to hire a “Limited Time Executive”?

Your company is not willing to create a full time position at this time but you believe you need someone who will be objective and bring in some new outside ideas without the full time cost.

2. What is your primary area of expertise?

Previous executive positions in fleet management, some exceeding 4000 vehicles, the “LTE” has held positions as VP of Operations, VP of Maintenance, Truck Parts Business Founder/Owner and VP of Distribution for a $1.5 Billion convenience store petroleum company. This career built a foundation in operations, maintenance, leasing, fleet management, purchasing, legal support and pure management.

3. Just what can you or your company do for us?

Drive change, tutor, reorganize, and simply raise the bar of Fleet Management.

4. As a president or person of responsibility, why should I consider this?

It allows you more time in building and growing your business. It gives you opportunity to have a veteran on your staff without a full time employee.

5. Our maintenance person won’t like this? Will he or she accept this?

They will positively accept the level of knowledge, experience, and the tutorship style of motivation, raising their level of experience and knowledge.

6. What is their advantage?

This allows them to have their own personal professional advisor, gaining professional growth and raising self esteem.

7. How do they use the “LTE” service when you are not on site?

He or she can always make contact by telephone or other communication methods at most any time.

8. This may work well for him/her but what about me, or possibly my staff?

There are many reasons, but in reference to the maintenance manager, most of the time he or she does not understand the business side, so the LTE becomes the go between, spending the necessary time to explain the needs of the company in their own language.

9. What does that mean? Why can’t I do that?

Your are the power and authority, sometimes not understanding their level of comprehension, their lack of experience, or the patience or time to do so. It allows some translation or explanation of each others position on the subject matters.

10. How do we figure ROI? I am not sure I want to spend the money.

This is calculated from negotiating new equipment, purchasing, PM practices, labor productivity, organization, reduced turnover, lower CPM and motivating leadership. In some cases the real question is "What other options do you have that make sense at this time?" You need to build and protect “Blue Sky” value in this area.

11. How do you charge for these services?

This is determined by the needs of each company and its requirements along with the terms of the agreement. A fee sheet is available once a determination is made for the parties to partner together.

12. How long a time is required for a “LTE” to be beneficial?

Some companies require more time than others but it usually starts out with a 6-12 month agreement based on 2-4 days per month. In most cases, after the first 6 months, it is usually reduced, that is based on necessity and other cost reducing opportunities.

13. How long will the “LTE’s” involvements continue?

Some as little as 6 months and some exceeding 4 years and still ongoing. The “LTE” is a partner, not a consultant, part of the staff and a limited time VP equivalent, serving the needs with full time responsibility but paying on a “Limited” time basis.

14. Do you have a concentrated area in any one industry?

No, we have experience in agricultural, petroleum, refuse, construction, leasing as well as truck load, refrigeration, direct store delivery, and other various vocations.

15. What is you geographical area?

Services have been provided in the US, Canada, and Mexico and we are not limited to North America.

16. What size business are you targeting?

Size does not matter. All businesses have different requirements. The larger the company, the greater the opportunities. Smaller companies have greater needs because "the big boys" can afford more experienced staff. We have no restriction on providing this unique service of a Limited Time Executive” working in the boardroom, the shop floor level, or anywhere in between.

17. What is the first hurdle to overcome?

Picking up the phone to have the first conversation.

18. Why would that be an issue?

A lot of owners and presidents do want the help but need a higher level of experience, counsel with wisdom, and a different philosophy. Someone who can be the voice of reality with no fear of Friday’s paycheck. “Tell it like it is”, an “LTE”. a Limited Time Executive”

“In summary, Darry Stuart’s results are definitely worth his consulting fee. Also, he is able to fit in our organization and work effectively with our Maintenance Managers, our Terminal Managers, and our Regional and Corporate officers.
We have benefited from his experience and advice, and we recommend him highly.”
Roger Blume, President/Owner, Quickway Distribution Services