Here is a brief list of articles or news related to our organization. We are constantly featured in articles and called upon for various speaking events or seminars within our industry. Please contact us if you would like us to speak at one of your events and we are also available for interviews for upcoming article publications.

Press Release:

DWS Fleet Management Services Press Release PDF Document


Here are articles and webcasts that we have been featured in. This is great information for our industry.

Additional articles we have been featured in:

  • 2005 "CTI's Outsourcing for Success" Fleet Equipment Magazine
  • 2002 "Management for Hire" Fleet Equipment Magazine
  • 1998 "Career Leadership Award" CCJ Magazine
  • 1998 "People Matters" Trucking Technology Magazine
  • 1983 "Cover of DES Magazine"

Previous Sampling of Speaking Events:

  • GMTA Georgia Motor Truck Association, 2004
  • ATA/TMC International Mexico City, Mexico, 2004
  • ATA/TMC/ International Canacar Mexico City, Mexico, 2003
  • ATA/TMC Meetings 1980- 2005
  • SAE Detroit, MI Corrosion, 2003
  • W.VA Motor Truck Association Annual Meeting, 2005
  • New England Exposition, 1998, 1999, 2000
  • AWI Automotive Warehouse Inc, Expo, Lansing MI 2004
  • Jacobs Manufacturing Annual Sales Meeting, 1999

"Your style of management by competing with ourselves rather than each other has taken me to my present position by preparing me for the future." Ron Stillings, Penske Truck Leasing, Regional Service Manager